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Book description

Revisited one year later... Ive been rereading a lot of the fics I read a year ago when I first stumbled headlong into the Sterek group here on GR. And as with so many of these stories, I found myself appreciating this little gem a whole lot more the second time around. I highlighted the shit out of this fic! Ive taken to tagging these highlights as Derek-isms when saving them for easy reference later.For example:Dereks hilarious-as-shit inability to lie to himself:Checking up on Stiles just makes sense. At least it does to Derek. Whoknows what stupid, reckless thing hell do next?or:He hits the ground and strides away before he can entertain any morethoughts like that. Hes not actually running back to his car. Werewolvesjust naturally move fast.or:If Derek sounds annoyed, its not because Stiles called Erica hot. Itsbecause there are morons wandering around the woods leaving behindghouls for him to clean up. That would make anyone irritable.One of my favorite moments makes me a bit sad even as I smile at his budding self-awareness:He formed his pack for the strength it would give him, and he runs it likea boot camp, because thats what hes comfortable with, issuing ordersand the distance that creates. But he remembers his sister, the kindnessin her hands as she took care of his tattoo, and the way the whole housesmelled like butter and sugar on Saturday mornings when his mother wasstill alive, how she always listened so carefully at pack meetings. At theDonut Hut, he makes a sharp, last-minute turn into the parking lot. He stilldoesnt know what hes doing, and he has no intention of making wafflesfor anybody, but he can at least supply sugar. Peter eyes the box withamusement when Derek carries it into the house. Derek makes a donteven start with me face at him.This was a four-star read for me last year but it didn’t really stand out from all the other four stars in my library. This time around it’s going on my five-star shelf. Because Derek deserves all the stars. P.S. Is it just me that the blockquote html is being a little bitch with and refuses to work?P.P.S.Ok, I posted this the other night and saw that the formatting on my review is horrible, folks, so sorry! Ill try to fix this ASAP when Im not tempted to toss my laptop out into the snow.

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